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Niranjan Bhagat MemorialTrust
Niranjan Bhagat MemorialTrust
On the occasion of the Bicentenary of the French poet Charles Baudelaire and to give a tribute to Shri. Niranjan Bhagat, founder of Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad as well as one of the most renowned Gujarati poets, we present to you the Gujarati translation of two French poems of Baudelaire - ‘L’étranger’ and ‘La Soupe et les Nuages’ by Niranjan Bhagat.

Niranjan had a great affinity for European poets, in particular Baudelaire. He believed that Baudelaire was not only the pioneer of modernist poetry in France but has also been a model and inspiration for many poets worldwide for centuries to come.

We are grateful to Niranjan Bhagat Memorial Trust for helping us find these wonderful ressources.

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